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The Q1® Hand Masker is not just a tool; it's a practical dispenser that joins masking tape to film or paper in one smooth and easy step.
This feature is a time-saver when preparing both indoor and outdoor environments for painting.

Additional Features and Accessories:


  • Special Clip: The Q1® Hand Masker is equipped with a special clip designed to ensure fluid unrolling of paper and film, enhancing your workflow.
  • Easy Blade Fixation: The fixation of the blade to the Hand Masker's structure is facilitated by two flat screws, which can be easily tightened by hand, allowing you to make adjustments quickly and effortlessly.
  • Q1® Adjustable "L" Shaped Blade: For added versatility, the Q1 Adjustable "L" Shaped Blade is available separately, providing you with options to tailor your masking to specific project requirements.
  • Extra Butterfly Screws: We've included 2 extra butterfly screws in the handle's hole for your convenience, ensuring you're always prepared for any adjustments needed during your work.

Q1 Hand Masker with Adjustable Blade

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